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Academic Medical Center 

 Security and Privacy Conference and Webinar Series


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Welcome to the web presence for the conference series!  These peer-based conferences are focused on supporting the privacy and security leaders of Academic Medical Centers and similar institutions on the topic of information security and privacy. Similar institutions includes any large health-cenric entity, notably teaching hospitals, health systems, and ACOs.  The conference typically has drawn these leaders from 50-60 of the AMCs (and similar institutions) around the country.  Each conference has a format that focuses on panels of these  leaders who offer their insights and views on the most pressing security and privacy topics for them along with facilitating long discussion periods on each topic. The pre-confernence workshops offer attendees an opportunity to explore selected topics in greater depth. 

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 The 12th   AMCs & Partners Security and Privacy Conference 2016:

     UNC's Friday Center in Chapel Hill NC   

  June 27-29, 2016, with an optional post-conference 1/2 day workshop on June 29 2016

  See here for  registration, agenda etc.

PANELISTS REQUEST -  Apply to be on a panel !   Hearing from peers in security and privacy leadership positions is a key value that the conference provides to attendees.

The conference's format for each session is to have panels of  2-4 AMC security and privacy leaders that first provide their view/history/thoughts on the session topic (about 15 minutes each) and then participate in a long Q&A period with the attendees.  The planning committee has a set of draft topics for the upcoming conference  for which we are recruiting panelists.  Each panel has a panel leader and 1-3 panel members; panel leaders (as opposed to the other panel members) get a complimentary registration to the conference.  

 Please review the topics below and notify one of the track leaders if you have an interest in participating in a given panel or would like to propose another session whose panel you would lead.

       Compliance/governance track : 
              John  Parmigiani  jcparmigiani@comcast.net
              Sissy Holloman  Hollome@LabCorp.com

       Security/Privacy  track:    
              Lee Olson  olson.lee@mayo.edu     
              Chuck Kesler  chuck.kesler@duke.edu
              Ray Shelton


       Medical Research  track:   
               Denise Snyder  denise.snyder@duke.edu 

Jennifer Anderson jennifer@nchica.org
               Shelly Epps shelly.epps@duke.edu

Please feel free to contact the conference co-chairs if you would like to discuss any aspect of the conference: 

Dave Kirby - Dave@KirbyIMC.com
Lawrence Muhlbaier - Lawrence.muhlbaier@duke.edu



2016 Conference Home page2016 CONFERENCE COMMITTEEConference PostingGET CONFERENCE UPDATESPrior Conference MaterialContact Us